01.05. - 30.05.2015

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an exhibition showing watercolours, presented by Jean Gid Lee. Works by Max Frisinger, Björn Dahlem, Daniel Grüttner,Thomas Kiesewetter, David
Noonam, Anselm Reyle, Neil Rumming

“Captivated by the idea of presenting works rarely seen by an audience – like a hidden, secret body of work, not yet uncovered – a group of artists who have already authenticated a strong identity of their art practice was asked to allow the public to take a furtive look at the unlikelihood of them painting watercolours.
Watercolour painting is extremely old with romantic connotations etched in art history to hobby craft associations in modern society. Once the colour is laid upon paper, it is uncompromisingly transfixed, leaving little chance for change or deletion without trace. The precious thinking process of an idea or concept for a final work is often revealed through these private sketches, are often abandoned on the floor trodden with dirty foot prints, are seldom seen outside the studio.
UNDERCOVER takes an ephemeral pause from the artists’ normal code of conduct and invites the viewer to access closer, to the intimacy and privacy of the artist at work, exposing the outsider artist within the artist.”